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Golf Player


6-episode Comedy Sitcom

Golf Players


A hilarious new workplace comedy set at a small-town golf course where the staff's shenanigans are just as entertaining as the golfers themselves. The boss, a former pro golfer, struggles to keep the course afloat while managing a group of quirky employees, including the scheming golf pro trainer, the pro-shop manager, the eccentric greenskeeper, and the wild card bar tender, who just can't seem to get his life in order.  With each episode building upon the last, The Greens will have you laughing, crying, and rooting for this lovable band of misfits as they navigate the ups and downs of life on the greens.

Each 10 minute episode of "The Greens" takes the audience on a hilarious journey through the ups and downs of working at a small golf course, following the daily lives of the quirky and lovable staff. With a focus on character-driven comedy, each episode features the staff navigating through various workplace and personal challenges, all while dealing with the demands of the course's eccentric owner. The sitcom cleverly builds upon each episode, leading to a satisfying full-circle conclusion that leaves the audience both laughing and feeling invested in the lives of these lovable characters.

         Character Bios:

  • The Boss: Kirt, the wealthy no-nonsense owner of the golf course who is determined to turn things around.

  • The Eccentric Groundskeeper: Bob, the socially awkward southern maintenance and groundskeeper who knows everything about the course's operations.

  • The Golf Pro: Jack, the lovable and hardworking golf pro-trainer who is always scheming and dreams of someday owning his own course.

  • The Pro-Shop Manager: Caroline, the witty and dependable pro-shop manager who always makes her point heard.

  • The Wild Card: Gerard, the British free-spirited and unpredictable bartender who keeps everyone on their toes.

  1. Setting: "The Greens" takes place at a struggling golf course in a small town. The course features 18 holes, a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant, and a pro shop. The course is known for its challenging holes and pleasant setting, but it has fallen on hard times and is in need of a makeover.

  2. Tone: "The Greens" is a comedy with heart. While it will feature plenty of laughs and quirky characters, it will also explore deeper themes of friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness. The show will have a mix of lighthearted moments and more emotional scenes, making it a well-rounded viewing experience.

  3. Episode Structure: "The Greens" will consist of 6 episodes, each 10 minutes in length. The show will be released weekly, building anticipation and allowing viewers to follow along with the characters' journeys. Each episode will be a standalone story with its own plot and conflicts, but the series will also have an overarching storyline that ties everything together.

  4. Style of Humor: "The Greens" will feature a mix of physical comedy, witty banter, and situational humor. The show will also have its fair share of dry humor and sarcasm, making it a relatable and enjoyable viewing experience for all audiences.

  5. Licensing and Distribution Opportunities: "The Greens" has the potential to be a highly marketable property, with opportunities for licensing and distribution on streaming platforms like Facebook Watch, YouTube, and Nexflix.


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