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Executive Producer | Editor | Director

Jason Thibault, Executive Producer | Editor | Director | Phone: 818.371.0272

Creating my unique TV productions has been the culmination of 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. Five years as a video editor with Fox Sport News in Los Angels is where my study of editing and film production began.


I left Fox Sports News to help form a sales and sponsorship company, which after hard work and sincere detection soon sky rocketed. We tapped in to the niche market of the live Mexican music scene, providing true grassroots advertising opportunities for local and national companies. 

Exploring further opportunities beyond sales and sponsorships, it was time to go on tour, a world tour that is.. After much experience contracting with concert promotors, artist management, and performing artists. We soon found ourselves producing and booking, with at the time was the hottest Latino music group, Rebelde or RBD! The world tour spanned three year and over 100 concerts. During that time, I choose to experience a new hat with in the industry. As CFO this time I managed all the checks and balances of the books. With each concert a full P&L and Balance sheet was tabulated. Let's just say it was rather exciting to report on each concert, truly understanding the scope of how productions materialize.

After over 13 years in Los Angeles, my next adventure took me back to my hometown, Rochester, NY. I must say returning back home to family and life long friends certainly warms the heart with passion and inspiration. With this new found nostalgia,  I soon knew what was next for me.


I took my sales and TV/Film experience to the streets of Canandaigua, NY. There I took it upon myself to create a 100% sponsorship driven TV show about locally owned businesses. I featured a spectrum of businesses, from mom & pop shops, to restaurants, to hotels and attractions. I wanted the show to tell a story, a magazine style insiders journey in to where ever the show "landed". It's an authentic grassroots approach to local advertising, my broadcast TV shows allow for each business owner to naturally express themselves to the audience. 

MyHometown was first, next was The Bridal Show, and then Dining Out. Further, I have also produced 30min documentary style TV shows for a dental and medical professionals, home remodeling companies, event venues, and property developers. These TV show's have all been broadcast multiple times on Local TV affiliates - ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW, MyTV 


We'd be proud to work with you. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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